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Naples Lawn Care- March Tips

Spring is coming and that means one thing. The dry season is here. This time of year we receive the least amount of rainfall until the summer rains begin. Now is the time to check your irrigation system to be sure your lawn is not over/under watered. Plants that are ready to bloom in spring need adequate irrigation to promote growth.
The first thing to do is turn on your system and make sure all the zones work. Many times home owners’ irrigation turns on at night and they are unaware of any malfunction. Each valve should turn on and off as you go through the zones using your irrigation timer. Next, walk through each zone as it runs and be certain there are no broken sprinklers or sprinklers that are clogged. Flag any malfunctioning sprinklers that can be repaired when the system is shut down. Adjust the minutes in the timer for each zone taking into consideration the sprinkler coverage, soil type, and shade.
Finally, be sure to have a rain sensor installed to conserve water as well as prevent from overwatering. Also always follow water management guidelines for Naples lawn care for scheduling of your irrigation. This extra effort will improve your lawn, save water, and save you money.