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Chinch Bugs Love Hot Dry Weather

Chinch Bugs, Naples FL

Chinch Bugs, Naples FL

Chinch bug season is here in Naples. Look for brown dead patches in your lawn, especially near street curbs and in dry sunny areas of your lawn. Grass blades near the edges of the dead brown areas will have a yellowish color. Grass that is under watered is especially vulnerable to chinch bugs.

As rainy season approaches, be sure your irrigation rain sensors are working properly. This will prevent over watering in the summer which can contribute to a fungus problem in your grass. Eliminating unnecessary irrigation will also save you money on your water bill.

Summer rains often bring fungus to your grass. Be sure your mower blades are kept sharp ensuring a smooth cut aiding fungus prevention. Also do not let your grass get too tall between cuts as this also contributes to fungus development.